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10th International Competition for Young Guitarists
«Andrés Segovia» from May 30th to June 2nd 2018
in Monheim am Rhein

General Information

Since the year 2000 the German section of the European Guitar Teachers Association EGTA·D is holding the Segovia Youth Competition with constant success, from 2016 with a new partner: the town of Monheim am Rhein. Every two years up to 90 children and young adults who are dedicated to the guitar flock together from about 30 countries.

The competition is split up into three age groups:
I. under 14 years
II. 14 to 16 years
III. 17 to 19 years
Age group III. competes in 2 rounds (1st round and Finale)

The performing programme must contain certain compulsory pieces.
The range of the 5 prizes for each age group extends from 100 to 1500 €, plus several valuable token prizes.
More detailed conditions are to be found in a seperate chapter.
Applications will be accepted from 1st Jan till 15 Feb 2018.

The key-date to calculate the age is the 30th May 2018.
The competition is public and no entrance fee will be charged.
All events will take place at the Kulturzentrum Berliner Ring in Monheim am Rhein.

Preliminary Timetable 2018

The competition and all connected events will take place in the Cultural Centre of the Town of Monheim upon Rhine. This centre comprises 2 halls in direct vicinity.
See the map of the area

HALL 1   Saal der Musikschule (Hall of the Music School with Information Desk)
HALL 2   Aula Berliner Ring (Hall of the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium)  with Snack Bar

Wednesday  May 30th
   15-20 h   registration of the participants  (Info-Desk  Hall 1)
   18 h        Welcoming Event  (Hall 2)

Thursday  May 31st
   9-17 h   performances of age groups 2 and 3
   20 h     Concert "Heading For Fame"

Friday  June 1st
   9-17 h   performances of all 3 age groups

Saturday  June 2nd
   9-12:30  performance of the finalists of age group 3 (Hall 2)
   20 h       Prize Winners' Concert  (Hall 2)

Get an impression

  • 3-minutes VIDEO of the competition 2010


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10 - 13 June 2020

Monheim am Rhein

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Map of the Cultural Centre.

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