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11th International Competition for Young Guitarists
«Andrés Segovia» from 10th to 13th June 2020
in Monheim am Rhein



Age group: I II III
1st Prize 500 € 1000 € 1500 €
2nd Prize 400 € 800 € 1200 €
3rd Prize 300 € 600 € 900 €
4th Prize 200 € 400 € 600 €
5th Prize 100 € 200 € 300 €

EGTA-Prize for Age Group 2

In addition EGTA (D) will grant a special prize of 500 € to the age group 2 for the best interpretation of one of the following 8 programme items:

Malcolm Arnold from: "Fantasy" for Guitar Prélude and Scherzo
Richard R. Bennett from: "Impromptus" I Recitativo, II Agitato,
and III Elegiaco
Lennox Berkeley from: "Sonatina for Guitar" I Allegretto
Leo Brouwer "Canticum"
Leo Brouwer "Hika"
Hans W. Henze from: "Kammermusik 1958" Tento 1 and 2
Frank Martin from: "Quatre Pièces Brèves" Prélude and Plainte
William Walton from: "Five Bagatelles" II Lento and III Alla Cubana

You are free to enter the competition for this special prize.
Independently you will have to play the compulsory piece of age group 2.
When you take part, the overall performance limit of 17-20 minutes will not be extended.
By entering you automatically meet the general condition to perform pieces from 2 different historical periods.

Special awards

In addition to the cash prizes the jury will grant stipendia for important international festivals.

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enrolment till 15th Feb

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